úterý 15. září 2015

It's flying!

Hi guys,

I didn't write anything for a long time. Many things have changed, such as HW and SW. I'll sum up everything and post it soon.

Here is just a quick photo from one of my first flights.

pátek 2. listopadu 2012

Landing gear lever, yoke, MIP

Landing gear lever is almost done! Here are some photos...

Yoke has changed little bit too.

There you can see a construction of MIP (Main Instrument Panel). I admit, it doesnt look like B737 :-D .

Quick Reference Handbook

B737 Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) is printed, so our cockpit is prepared for some engine fail, fire or even evacuation...

Throttle Quadrant, yoke

I got more parts for Throttle Quadrant (Parking brake, thrust levers, flap lever)

The yoke is made from 3 pieces of a 16 mm plywood.
Yoke with checklist

Parking Brake, thrust levers + reverses, flap lever

středa 22. srpna 2012

Building a B737NG homecockpit - tutorials, pictures, questions.... And much more about aviation